About us

We are Jaap Bosma en Hanneke Dijkman. We live in the east of the Netherlands, in a small town called Oldenzaal. The love for dogs is present by Hanneke since childhood. Hanneke is also the person who is most involved in working with the dogs.

In 1982 I’ve got the first dog, a crossbreed Bouvier and later a crossbreed Stabij. With Tanja the crossbreed Stabij I’ve started Obedience classes at the local dog club. I like it very much and in 1987 I start as a trainer for Obedience classes. In 1996 I stopped at this dog club. Since 2005 I’m a trainer at the Stabij- and Wetterhoun club, special for hunting training.

In april 1988 we welcome Stabij Elco fan ‘t Marheim and in october Large Münsterlander Lars van de Heygrave. The LargeMünsterlander is a breed I feel in love with at first sight. With the Münsterlander I start huntingtraining. After a lot of training we succeed to get a B diploma at the Dutch huntingtest.

In 1999 Stabij Franka Amy van de Eenhoornleijn comes to our household. With her Hanneke wants to have a litter. The first step is to get a kennelname. I don’t like a Frysian name and I like the English language very much. So it becomes ‘of the Dutch Working Class’. This name describes exactly what I want to say.

Dutch – the Stabij is a Dutch breed.

Working class – the Stabij is a working dog who always had a task. And in early days the Stabij was the dog of the workingman.

In 2001 Elco passed away. In 2003 we had our first and only litter with Amy. In 2004 Lars passed away. One dog is not so much fun and in 2005 comes Twirre to live with us. Twirre ‘s color is black roan. With her I started to train for hunting from puppy on. We competed in Dutch hunting tests and we occasionally go hunting. Twirre had two litters. The first liter were 3 puppy’s One of this puppy’s died. The male is also black roan and the female has a lot of ticking. The owners of this female have the intention to have a litter.

The second litter was only 1 puppy, a male. The father is also used for hunting. The hunting skills were present in this male. When he was 7 weeks we decided to keep this male and we’ve named him Bjarne. Unfortunate he became ill (kidney failure) at the age of 19 months and we had him to put asleep. Too bad because he was a very nice dog, with a pleasant character, hunting skills and good looks.